Cathodic Protection Systems

Trans Indus Technologies International installs and annually maintains Cathodic Protection Systems in the USA and Caribbean. Over the past 60 years, we have installed all types of subaqueous systems designed by the leading corrosion control companies in the industry.
New impressed current and sacrificial Cathodic Protection Systems have been installed by Trans Indus Technologies International on bridges, structures, docks, piers, mooring dolphins, breasting dolphins, ships, barges, and oil/gas pipelines.

Newly commissioned systems for structural steel docks, bridges, reinforcing in concrete, oil/gas pipelines and vessels are available for your specific application upon request. Trans Indus Technologies International installs them all.

Cathodic Protection Systems evaluation for sacrificial systems includes visual documentation of existing percentage of anode wastage, potential reading’s and written report complete with recommendations.

Impressed Current system evaluation includes, visual diver inspection of the anodes, anodes wires, ground wires, wire and conduit routing, conduit fasteners, ground connections, header wires, rectifier conditions, current readings, potential readings and existing conditions complete with report of inspection.