CEO Message

Although being a relatively young company, we have already started off on a very solid footing. Apart from the material resources at our command, our real asset is our human resource. All the directors on the board are professional experts in their own capacity. Having experience of work in an international theater of work, as well as local, our emphasis is on teamwork, rather than individualism, which in my opinion is the greatest strength of our company.
In my opinion our two areas of greatest strength are our Engineering department, which boasts, apart from our successful and lucrative projects, a fairly strong component of R&D. Most of our R&D is conducted in collaboration with Government accredited bodies, like the National Incubation Center. The CEO, through whose offices, direction is given to the company, also has registered designs to his name.

The other area of our greatest strength is our SCUBA diving & Marine Engineering / Industrial Diving division. Our MD being a world accredited Master Diver and Instructor. On the fun side , we cater to our client’s recreational needs,not only in the North Arabian Sea, but also the splendid lakes in the north of Pakistan, with their world acclaimed natural beauty. Apart from that, we are also in partnership with international reputed partners, for our clients to enjoy an international diving experience
International trade is also our passion, always looking for new products to profitably introduce into the market. Apart from that, we are also involved in the hospitality business and some minerals.

Given our team of educated, internationally exposed professionals, there is no doubt that we are set to make our name amongst the good profitable companies of Pakistan.


Aurangzeb Durrani
Trans Indus Technologies International (Pvt.) Ltd.