Docks, Piers & Bulkheads

Trans Indus Technologies International divers have been involved in traditional harbor work for 60 years.

Providing quality inspection of dock and pier substructures requires a comprehensive knowledge of the individual components and sequence of construction. Having been involved in the construction of heavy industrial bridges, piers and docks over the years has given Trans Indus Technologies International the experience to provide quality inspection services that count.


Commercial divers from Trans Indus Technologies International have the experience gained through actual construction projects to accurately inspect and document findings of your substructures.

Inspections usually consist of the following:

  • Excessive corrosion
  • Accidental or environmental overloading
  • Scour, sea bed instability
  • Structural fatigue
  • Construction deficiencies
  • Concrete spalls
  • Debris
  • Excessive marine growth
  • Pile type and existing condition
  • Substructure to superstructure interface
  • Cap beam type and condition
  • Bracing baffle

All phases of dock, pier and bulkhead repair work are executed by Trans Indus Technologies International Some typical examples of the types of repair work performed are as follows:

  • Pile jacketing for corrosion
  • Pile jacketing (structural)
  • Sheet pile patching repairs
  • Concrete cap spall repairs
  • Concrete cap crack epoxy injection
  • Fender system repairs and replacement
  • Cross bracing repairs and replacement
  • Epoxy coatings

Trans Indus Technologies International can inspect, maintain, repair and upgrade you marine waterfront structures.

Ocean piers

Ocean PiersOcean pier construction & repair is Trans Indus Technologies International specialty. From inspection to pile installation we have the experience, personnel and equipment to maintain your structure.

Piling inspection and repair is critical for these coastal structures which experience all phases of sea state continually.

Pile replacement and loading is accomplished with new patent pending technology. This innovative procedure allows new piling to be installed beneath existing structures and loaded. No removal of topside buildings or operational downtime is incurred by owners utilizing this new procedure.

Pile jacketing, deck leveling, pile cap shimming and cross bracing replacement are just a few of the ocean pier services available.

Please contact us for a list of satisfied ocean pier owner references.