Policy Analysis and Advice

Trans Indus Technologies International has a wealth of experience in providing objective and insightful policy advice and guidance on a wide range of issues, spanning a variety of economic and social agendas.

Drawing on our practical experience of developing and delivering projects, we seek to share the lessons we have learnt through the provision of well-grounded policy advice to our clients involved in service delivery at all levels and across a wide variety of sectors.

Examples of areas where we have provided policy analysis and advice include:

  • Strategy development, providing analysis, advice and support on all aspects of policy development and delivery
  • Appraisals of funding applications against agreed criteria
  • Resource mapping exercises designed to highlight where/on whom money is being spent
  • Programme development, often through evaluations of pilot programmes/projects
  • Performance management, ensuring appropriate systems are in place to enhance delivery and record achievement

We pride ourselves on providing clients with informative and usable advice that supports decision making and policy development to improve the effectiveness of delivery.