Power Plants

Power Plants

Power Plants

Trans Indus Technologies International commercial divers are skilled and experienced in power plant diving work. From intake structures to outfall pipelines we understand your annual industrial maintenance needs.

Underwater power transmission cable inspection, maintenance, installation and repair are also familiar projects and we have the divers and equipment to satisfy your requirements.

Raw Water Intake Structures

Annual diving inspection during outages provides an opportunity to inspect the intake and appurtenances for proper operation and condition.

Trash racks and traveling water screens can be inspected and repaired.

Intake structure accumulated silt can be removed by diver operated hydraulic dredging operations. Typically, portable 6ӯ hydraulic dredges are utilized to remove silt and debris from the forebay and pump bay of intakes.

Often times failure to maintain an intake in its operational design limits results in unscheduled disruption of service. Silt/mud/sand drastically reduces the volume of available water to the plant. Periods of drought or low water can actually leave the plant without sufficient water due to unaddressed siltation issues.

Annual inspection prevents unscheduled disruption of service and documents existing conditions.