Trans Indus Scuba

A Trans lndus scuba ensures you have time to explore and enjoy the real Pakistan, while all arrangements are taken care of. From meticulous initial planning to detailed implementation we are with you every step of the way, offering a variety of tours, all thoroughly researched.

Typically we include the major sites in the itinerary with some less well known attractions. There is time for some of the great cities, bringing out the soul that gives them their uniqueness, and villages that are the backbone of Pakistan. There may be a wildlife sanctuary, some relaxation on a pristine beach or a cool mountain resort. The whole experience is enhanced by using a variety of accommodation and modes of transport; encouraging interaction with local people while caring for preservation of their culture and protection of environment.

You may stay in one of the legendary grand palaces or royal hunting lodges, perhaps a boutique property, a merchant mansion in an ancient quarter or a colonial bungalow in a remote location; many retaining the feel of times gone by. We also inevitably feature modern hotels, from modest to luxurious. The selection is based on facilities, comfort, service, atmosphere, location and importantly, feedback from thousands of clients over the years.

Our specialty is to tailor the scuba to your needs, including your budget, bearing in mind the practicalities of operating it, yet delivering quality. We believe our clients should feel comfortable when travelling with us, in the firm assurance that they are in secure, capable hands, getting value for money.