Wo We Are

A Holding Company with interests and expertise in 9 prominent areas of commerce, directly related to “The 9 keys for Life”, which include
Development & New Technologies, Housing & Infrastructure, Food & Water, Education & Hospitality, Medical & Nutrition, Communications & Transportation, Finance & Trade, Energy & Mining, Environmental & Social.
TRANS INDUS is a company with global brand. It is a well diversified multinational group with core businesses in project management, engineering, manufacturing and construction for the renewable energy, power, utilities, refining and petrochemical industries.

As a global company who continuously seeks to maximize its value creation, the group has also embarked into the renewable energy sector as a project owner and developer, as a strategic investment with a view on developing recurring income and sustainable growth in the long term.

The TRANS INDUS Group’s major customers are the international refining, petrochemicals, energy and global engineering contractors amongst whom many are Fortune 500 companies. It has a truly global footprint; about 90% of its revenues are realized from the export markets.

As an established brand in the industries it operates, the TRANS INDUS Group is focused on exceptionally strong forte in designing and engineering of innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, profound technical know-how and the ability to deliver superior quality products and services to its customers.

TRANS INDUS continues to enhance its core strengths and commitment in all aspects of its business and is continually seeking expansion and diversification into strategically related businesses to build a sustainable future.



Assist new & existing companies & economies, develop and expand by utilizing the assets, organizational skills and synergistic relationships for both economic and humanitarian good worldwide

Assisting each entity we partner with, to achieve their individual and organizational goals and ambitions. To provide a positive influence for everyone involved or associated with Trance Indus to realize growth and increased revenues.

In addition to financial targets, Trance Indus has clearly defined social and humanitarian goals. Achieving these on an international scale will thus create wealth individually, as well as collectively.

To be a leading process equipment manufacturer and a modular process systems provider for the oil, gas, petrochemicals, minerals, power, environmental and renewable energy sectors.



To be a one stop centre for the provision of process equipment and process systems with state-of-the-art technology.


  • To Achieve Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement on Quality, Safety, Environment and timely Delivery.
  • To Enhance Stakeholders’ Value with Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • To Enhance Organizational Infrastructure and Human Capital Development.